Coloring book

My first Coloring Book

I am SO excited! My first coloring book will be available from November 1st, both printed and digital.

It is an absolute dream come true and I wanted to do that since I was a child. I remember all those hours drawing comics or just a series of pictures and my friends would color it. There was no better way to survive boring classes at school, haha!

Those comics were about teenagers falling in love, prima ballerinas pursuing their dream, girl friendships and a whole lot of “Clueless” and “Legally Blonde” references.

My first coloring book will have a modern approach to social media, that’s why it is called: “My #Coloring Book”

It is the perfect gift for teenagers and adults who love scrolling through Instagram  😉

“My #Coloring Book” will  be the beginning of a series of coloring books about to come, addressing female empowerment.

In the first week of November, I will give a 20% discount on the printed version of “My #Coloring Book”.



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